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Rimba Raid


25 - 29 September 2024



Rimba Raid was established by like-minded passionate friends who love what they do – riding anything two wheels to any place interesting and unique. All of us have ridden and are still riding in various parts of the world. With that in mind, we would like to offer and share such experiences that emulates similar excitement. We love what we do. With over years of combined events and motorcycling experience, we know what our customers want. Our success is measured by customer satisfaction with participants continuously talking about their participation in Rimba Raid events, and continuously participating in subsequent or smaller events. We aspire to be the best eco-tourism and adventure tour operator, besides operating an off-road training centre and event management on this side of the world.

Since its inception in 2015, Rimba Raid grew by leaps and bounds, from a kampung event put together by 4 passionate motorcycle enthusiasts, into its biggest event at the time which concluded in Kg. Janda Baik on 28th July 2019. It saw the highest number of 240 participants  from 22 countries.

For 2023, Taman Negara Kuala Tahan, Kg Pagi and Kg Mat Daling make a comeback just like 2018 and 2022 because of their uniqueness. They can be accessed via a world-class 70km highway just recently completed, from Kuala Tahan, or via 120km of dirt trails from Lepar Utara. The recently completed Givi RImba Raid Taman Negara 2023 continued this tradition with half of its 279 participants from 24 countries.

WORLD’S BIGGEST ADVENTURE RACe IN TROPICAL FOREST ENVIRONMENT: Rimba Raid is a tropical jungle flag-to-flag race for 3 classes of motorcycles: Natural trail, non-destructive, unique flora and fauna advantageous to local economies. Event sites are not repetitive for sustained interest as well as to involve other states.

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