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Rimba Raid


25 - 29 September 2024



The following Medical, Rescue and SAR units will be in place during Rimba Raid Lenggong 2024:

1. Medical Base (Resort)
MBR is located at Main Event Venue, consisting of one Medical Officer (Medical Commander), a Paramedic and technical crew. The function of MBR is to analyse whole situation for patient treatment and to plan strategy on how to save critical patient, and to provide medical attention for rider after the race. It is fully equipped with emergency trauma facility.

2. Medical Base (Finish Line)
Located at the finishing line, this team consisted of a Medical Officer and 2 Paramedics, supported by ambulance. It is fully equipped with trauma emergency facilities serves as the first line treatment to the injured rider. Any injured rider evacuated from the jungle must be sent to this medical base for further assessment.

3. Moto Medic
Is a rapid action medical support for rider during race where 2 Paramedics Teams on high-powered enduro bikes operating as a buddy team. They provide simple and 1st line treatment for the injured rider and able to make decision to call for help (for evacuation or extraction purpose). The modus operandi is to stay and play until SSV Medic arrive to give support and handle the situation.

4. Medic SSV
4 teams of Medic Side-by-Side/All Terrain Vehicles will provide emergency medical services in the jungle during the race period to stay and play for the treatment to the injured rider, and to give further assessment and treatment for injured rider that attended by the Moto Medic earlier. They will also call for help for medevac if life threatening condition involves.

5. Ambulances
Ambulance provides medical logistic prior to referring patient to nearest hospital. The unit will be run by 1 Paramedic and 1 technical crew, fully equipped with emergency medical devices for continuation of care before arrive to the hospital. In addition, off road-capable field ambulance will be stationed at strategic areas supported by Angkatan Pertahanan Awam.

6. Air Medevac
Helicopters will be at proper landing sites to assist in critical situation to enhance any rescue and recovery requirement over and above what is provided by the Pasukan Khas Udara Bomba which is normally on constant standby.

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