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Rimba Raid


25 - 29 September 2024


Route and GPX file

Rimba Raid Lenggong 2024 will be held at Tasik Raban Resort, Lenggong, a beautiful site with wide open space next to a big turquoise freshwater lake that feeds Sungai Perak. The surrounding hills and mountain ranges that fringes as backdrop will be where the racing will ride through. It will be a tough 350km race run over 2 days in the jungle that allows beautiful scenery throughout. The available facilities and site access are superior to what Rimba Raid 2023 had to offer, and we anticipate very high visitor traffic, mostly of the target market group. Tasik Raban is also merely 7 hours from Singapore, 4 from Kuala Lumpur, 1 from Ipoh and 2 hours from Penang, making it easier to tap on the economic cauldron on the West Coast.

Length of Selective Sections
– Prologue : 3km
– Stage 1 : 135km
– Stage 2 : : 195km
– Total : 333km

Overall Total Distance
– No. of stages : 2
– No. of road sections (liaisons) : 4
– Total distance : 374km

The course is designed to have a mix of various surfaces with undulating terrain, flat areas, traversing streams and rivers, some across makeshift log bridges. Competitors are to be conscious that weather plays a major part in determining if the level of difficulty of the trail and must be prepared to face it. Marshals will be positioned at strategic points. However, Competitors are to be aware marshal stations can be far apart due to distance. Marshals’ main responsibility is to clear the trail from obstructing and stationary vehicles. A major part of the jungle segment of the race trail passes through areas of known elephant and tiger activities, along with other wildlife. Whilst tiger sightings are rare, their presence is not uncommon, but they do not normally post to a hazard to humans passing through. Conversely, elephants in a herd are known to be aggressive. Competitors are to proceed with caution or exercise wisdom should such an encounter occur.

GPS-Based Navigation
Rimba Raid Lenggong 2024 will use GPS-based navigation. There will be no more trail marking like previous races. A GPX (GPS Exchange Format) file of the race trail will be issued to all Competitors prior to the race and remain the Competitors responsibility to utilise it appropriately for race trail navigation and recording. A GPX file is simply a text file with geographic information such as waypoints, tracks, and routes saved in it. The official route of the race must be strictly followed. All Competitors shall carry a GPS-based navigation device that has trail navigate/follow and record features. Each Competitor shall be solely responsible to ensure that the navigation and recording function of their devices is in full working order from the start line to the finish line of the race. The appropriate GPS-based navigation trail follow/record device shall be the choice of the Competitor. Smartphones are amazing devices for navigation. However, in a Rimba Raid race environment, there have been numerous cases of smartphone overheating, premature battery life failure, screen failure due to continuous intense vibration, or glitches. A dedicated GPS device is highly recommended. A prudent Competitor shall also have a backup GPS device, just in case.

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